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The Wheel Strategy

Boost your long-term investments with monthly income using the Wheel Strategy. This course teaches you how to purchase securities at a discount with puts and then add monthly income on top of capital appreciation. Learn to master trade entry, trade management, and your emotions to find the best investment opportunities.


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Vertical Spreads

Maximize your options portfolio with limited risk Vertical Spreads. Power your options portfolio with 2 of the most important strategies to generate income and turn your market views into outsized gains. See why we use these strategies in over 90% of our trades while minimizing the risks we take. This course will be available soon.


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Our platform offers not only comprehensive courses and resources, but also real-time trade alerts, an analytics platform to analyze your trades, and automated reports to help you find the best trades. With our cutting-edge tools and expert insights, you'll have everything you need to make informed and profitable trades. Start seeing results with OptionsPlay


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Education that teaches you trading through interactive courses, webinars, and more! Get the skills you need to succeed in the markets.


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Make the most informed decisions to maximize your returns. Receive expert trade ideas, market research, and analysis to help you time the markets with confidence.


Analyze your investments

Our innovative platform makes trading easy to generate income through advanced analytics, technical indications, and risk management tools.


Our Instructors

Our mission is to empower you to leverage options for your portfolio - make strategic decisions with daily trading signals, market commentary, opportunity reports and much more.





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James Collins 

"OptionsPlay not only teaches the concepts and theories but shows you how to apply them in the market with real examples and trades every week to backup their research and education."

Aimee Right

"I can't believe I was selling covered calls manually each month until OptionsPlay showed me how to automate the work. Now it takes me a few mins to generate income every month, and the Portfolio tool tracks my positions, so I don't have to stare at a computer screen every day. Thanks for saving me hours of work each week!"

Edward Sonet

"Iv'e been trading for +20 years with many investments, and the Wheel Strategy was the perfect fit for a new income stream"

John Block

"I have not found an options education team as clear and consistent as Tony, Jess and Prakash. Thank you, guys, for taking the time to answer my questions after each session and valuing me as a member!"

Devon Williams

"I love that the education is backed up by research and backtesting. Tony explains every detail of the algorithms they have built because he's conducted the backtesting himself. As an engineer, I'm always inclined to understand how things are built before I can trust them. Thanks to the OptionsPlay Team for building such a fantastic product and being transparent."

Angie Birman

"Finally generating income consistently. Thanks, OptionsPlay!"

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